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Discover, save and share your recommendations with friends.Another ‘Recommendation’ App I hear you groan? Hmmm, well yes in a way you’re correct … BUT … ours is very special: it’s only for MUST recommendations, curated by your friends and those you trust. Think travel: hotels you MUST STAY at, or restaurants you MUST EAT at, or things you MUST SEE and MUST DO all over the world. Or even fashion: clothes, shoes and handbags you MUST HAVE. Get it? Genius idea, we know. Our mothers are so proud.
I guess we should add this section to appease the fuddy-duddies - here’s our ‘standard’ description (try not to cringe too much please):Find beautiful and inspriational places and products through photos, recommended by friends - the people you can really trust. Discover the latest must-haves, the quirkiest and coolest places you must-eat, drink or stay, and incredible things you must-see and do; all through stunning images. Save everything in your must-lists - to do now or to save for the future. It’s an app that’s simple to use, and handy to have with you at all times. Never forget a place or product again.
Phew, thank goodness that’s over and done with.
So, how does it work?
Home - infinite scrolling of posts from your chums and the people you want to be, similar to Instagram I guess.Discover - a pretty map showing you what’s nearby. Search the map - kind of what you usually do with a map.Add - add a new MUST post - this isn’t rocket science you know.Notifications - telling you if your bank account is overdrawn - just kidding, notifications from your friends and us jolly folk.Profile - where you can let loose and go crazy: the, wait for it… section for your picture and your lists.
Anything else?
Dear kind people of the world, please do note that this version is still only a sweet and innocent BETA prototype. We’ve put all of our cold hard cash, blood, sweat and tears into development and still have a gazillion more functions to add. Jonny and Marcelo (tech) are off having a nap right now but will be chained to the desk from the morning working hard to improve your experience.
If you’d like to connect with us with feedback, thoughts, suggestions, or to buy us a cold beverage, you can harass us on the following; carrier pigeon: London SW6